Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Terms used in Science Examinations

Terms used in Science Examinations
• Define: you are only required to write a concise statement to say what something is or means
• State: A short, concise answer is expected without explanation
• Explain: Means some reference to Chemical theory
• Describe: You are to state the main points in words (sometimes with diagram, if appropriate)
• Discuss: You are to give a critical account of the points in a topic
• Predict or Deduce: You are to deduce an answer from information in the question or from earlier answers (you are not expected to produce answer from memory)
• Suggest: You are not expected to know the correct answer. You are to make a logical deduction from the information given in the question or passage.
• Comment: Give points of interest which are relevant to the question. There can be many answers and the number points you give depends on the marks for the question.
• Find: Normally calculate, measure etc
• Determine: answers normally obtained by calculations or reading of a graph
• Estimate: obtain an answer as accurately as possible.
• Construct: Normally applies to the construct of the chemical equations

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