Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Note: Methods of purification are used only on mixtures. You cannot separate hydrogen from water using these methods.
Separation Techniques

Remove insoluble substances from liquids

Obtain solvent from solute (water from salt water)

Fractional Distillation
Separate a mixture of miscible liquids (petroleum, ethanol and water)

Separating funnel
Separate a mixture of immiscible liquids (oil and water)

Obtain solute from solution (sugar from sugar solution, salts from their own salt solution)

Separate mixtures that contain chemically similar components. Very often used for identification

Crystallization (important for salt making)
Steps to take
• Heat the solution to obtain a saturated solution
• Once saturated, allow the solution to cool
• Crystals of the salt will appear
• Filter the crystals from the solution
• Dry the salt between filter paper
Chromatography (Pure Chemistry only)
• Rf value = distance moved by the spot/distance move by the solvent front. Rf value cannot be more than 1.
Test for purity
• Test for constant melting and boiling point
• Chromatography

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