Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Designed by Koen, my 4 yr old son for daddy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Salt Making - Selection of Method

There are a total of 3 salt making techniques that we need to master for O levels. The 3 methods are,
c)Acid Reactions (In my tuition class, we call this excess reagent method)

The selection technique is very simple. Simply ask yourself if the salt is soluble. This should ALWAYS be the first thing you ask yourself.

If the salt is soluble, use either titration or acid reactions.
For titration, it is for salts that contain the following ions: Group 1 ions and Ammonium ion.
E.g. sodium chloride, potassium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, lithium ethanoate.

For acid reactions, it is for all other salts that are soluble.
E.g. copper (II) sulfate, magnesium chloride, barium nitrate, silver nitrate.
That's all for the selection technique for soluble salts.

If the salt is insoluble, use precipitation. That's the only method.
E.g. barium sulfate, lead (II) sulfate, lead(II) chloride, silver chloride, calcium sulfate. Notice no nitrate salts here since all nitrates are soluble.

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